“Just a note to say Thank you. Your Healthy Steps class is the only exercise class I’ve taken that doesn’t hurt me and still strengthens and improves my overall fitness. I’ve signed up for another three years because Mondays and Thursday, after your class, are often my physically best days each week. Thank you.” – Valerie

“It was so amazing to have this session with you yesterday. I felt better right away.And today I have no pain at all. Such a relief. Thank you so much and I see you Wednesday.” – Patricia

“I’m giving you full credit…my right ear just unclogged after SEVERAL days. Thank you. See you soon.” – Lisa

“I’m still congested but it’s a lot better, and I attribute the movement in my ear in large part to your talented hands and positive energy! I saw an ear specialist on Friday morning, who said my ears were gradually clearing. So I hope by week’s end I’ll be 100 percent.” – Pamela

“WOW! What a great session! I was amazed how alert I felt. It was crazy how sharp my vision was and energy level was great. Yes, I’d like to schedule something monthly.” – Peggy

“My problem is improving thanks to you getting my anti-inflammatory energy flowing. Thank you!” – Kathy

“I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Talia is an expert at foot reflexology. Her sessions are intense, but relaxing. I felt like I had a four hour nap afterward. My mind was clear, and my body felt renewed. Foot Reflexology by a certified care provider like Talia can make a difference in your life!” 
Service Category: Health Care Provider
Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative.” – Robin Eshleman

“Again, many thanks for your generous birthday gift certificate, your skill and precision and your lovely, healing space.
See you soon, I hope!” – Joy

“Scott LOVED the session, even better than Indonesia (which is quite the compliment!) because you explained things to him! Thank you!” – Sally

“I am writing to recommend to VCU the services of Talia Moser, Practitioner of Reflexology, certified through the International Institute of Reflexology.

“My family and I met Talia in 2011 when my 31-year-old son, Jesse, was waiting for a heart transplant in the VCU Medical Center. At that time Jesse was critically ill and on a Centromag life support machine. He had contracted Giant Cell Myocarditis, had been put in a medically induced coma for 5 weeks due to severely compromised lungs and blood clots caused by a heparin allergy. He had just been taken out of the coma and could not move or talk. As a family, we were desperate to do something, anything, to comfort him. Since his condition was so delicate, it was difficult to think of what to do. He had tubes and other medical equipment attached to almost every part of his body. Only his feet were available, and he loved for us to massage them. Then, I remembered that I had had a reflexology treatment once, and that it was wonderfully relaxing; so I started to look for a qualified reflexologist in the Richmond area. A friend of a friend suggested Talia. I called, and she came right away to our aid.

“Talia’s reflexology treatments became a regular part of Jesse’s regime. Her therapy was unobtrusive and complimentary to treatments scheduled by our VCU medical team. She often gave up time on Saturdays and Sundays to make herself available to us. Week-ends were difficult for Jesse. He had been an athlete in high school, and he looked forward every week day to the rigor of his physical therapy sessions with Penny Shaver. Talia was like an angel who came and filled that week-end gap and gave Jesse something to look forward to. We all looked forward to her visits. I am not knowledgeable as to the science of reflexology, but we could see that after a session with Talia , Jesse seemed stronger and more at peace with his situation. Not only were her reflexology treatments comforting physically and emotionally, they were also invigorating to Jesse. They were a distraction from the boredom of just lying in bed day after day. Talia has soft, quiet, confident way of relating to patients and their families. She would go out of her way to do provide additional small comforts such as bringing Jesse music that he had enjoyed during her sessions. She endeared herself to us and helped us manage our own stress, so much that I ended up hiring her for treatments for me, and have continued to go to her whenever I am in Richmond.

“Through our relationship with Talia Moser, I have come to believe that reflexology can work in tandem with conventional Western medicine to heal and comfort patients. I highly recommend that VCU incorporate her services as an addition to those offered by the wonderful VCU medical teams of whom we have many warm memories.” – Juanita Torrence and family