Talia has been practicing the Ingham Method of foot and hand reflexology since 1995, was certified by the International Institute of Reflexology and is also a member of the International Council of Reflexologists.

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Formerly – Healthy-Steps Instructor

Healthy-Steps, Moving You to Better Health with the Lebed Method, is a therapy, exercise, and movement program done to great music, designed to help you thrive! Offering medically-designed routines for everyone – from children to seniors, regardless of ability level – the Healthy-Steps program improves overall well-being: range-of-motion, balance, strength, endurance, confidence and emotional well-being. Upbeat music transforms a “work”out into a fun, revitalizing personal care session and time flies by. Participants state and studies show that Healthy-Steps/The Lebed Method has improved the quality of life for those with cancer, chronic illnesses and other medical conditions. Talia has been a certified instructor since 2007. Learn more about Healthy Steps here.

Formerly – “Louisiana Dance Hall” Producer & DJ

Cajun, Creole, Zydeco, Swamp Pop music & more

Tune in to 97.3 FM or stream, 5-7pm EST, Tuesdays.

Take a musical trip to Louisiana in your favorite chair every Tuesday night. Louisiana Dance Hall is a live radio show including interviews with musicians and features on culture. DJ Talia alternates with DJ Bill bringing you current and historic recordings of two-steps, waltzes, ballads, brass bands and funk. Since 2005 Louisiana Dance Hall has represented these underplayed genres at WRIR (Richmond Independent Radio). Turn it up and throw your own Bal de Maison! Shows are archived for two weeks for replay 24/7. Learn more about Talia’s on-air and in-person DJing here.