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What’s helping me now – Harvesting from observations of the past year

Noticing how strongly I react to cold weather made me notice an annual dread and discomfort. Time to analyze some inarticulate feelings. Frigid air feels unfriendly, threatening, uninviting, making me contract, withdraw, backtrack into the house, the nest, the womb. I don’t really want that. How can I frame it so that I can accept the changes (not the same momentum of autumn), enjoy and make the most of these pesky months? How can I make friends with the cold? So I imagined the Year as a Day. January, February and the first half of March have been my hardest time. However, if I see those months as my favorite hours of day something shifts in my head and I love them! Whoa! Every day I relish 4-7a.m. – meditation, contemplation, “ideal rehearsing”, day dreaming, hearing my customized morning music play list, the first cup of coffee… My first 3 hours and first 3 months are sympatico and now I’m warming up to the New Year. Hope this helps or at least entertains you. 🙂

Holiday time – Responding to our naturally generous urges

There are so many opportunities during this season to express and share delight in life. Even just the invitation to walk or drive through a park or neighborhood to see the lights and colors brightens our minds, emotions and body awareness. The anticipation (mental rehearsing) of happiness works its wonders before any action occurs! Think of the millions of individuals right now who are planning joy for another person. This is a powerfully beautiful time of year!

World Reflexology Week: 9/22-29

Buy 1, get 1. Help someone experience relaxation and better health with a Reflexology session for their feet, hands & ears. And be good to yourself too. Buy a gift certificate and receive a free session for yourself if you purchase during 9/22-29. Phone me for details: 804-399-3353. It feels good to do good!

Cool stuff for a hot month

Adorable August – the last firey push of the summer – sweat, tomatoes, loose-limbed schedules, autumn colors in the stores… bittersweet. To temper that emotional flavor check out this wonderful site  It’s exactly what I was working on a few years ago. Thankfully Ms. Mallozzi is more highly accomplished and connected than I; so I’ll contribute to her mission and experience the satisfaction without the sweat 🙂  Cultural sharing promotes appreciation and peace; cultivating peace promotes cultural expression and more JOY!

Why walk when you can waltz?

Changing our “gate” is healthy and mindful. See details on my Dance page for a fun way to facilitate that today.

Richmond’s Vegetarian Festival today

I’ll be giving hand reflexology at the Natural Awakenings Magazine booth near the music stage. What a perfect day!


Therapy with soap stone

I’m excited to announce that I just completed training in CoreStone massage. It intensifies the Reflexology treatment with deep, precise pressure and the variations of heat and cold for stimulation of circulation – helping the “itises”. You get me? Lend me your feet, hands and ears! More at: and


Do you ever do the procrastination dance? I found myself waltzing around a task today and finally decided to change. I stopped, faced it, dealt with it and let out a cheer. That really loosened everything up and now I’m on a roll – from waltz to rock n roll!

What’s new?

It’s May. Feeling more like March, but flaunting COLOR. What’s new for me is more discreet – the power in my reflexology practice has increased. Contributing to it is my study of Science of Mind. Mental focus, as taught by all the masters, is key to health and happiness. And I’m diggin it!

New Healthy-Steps class starts this month!

I’ve added a Wednesday 6pm Healthy-Steps class at the Acupuncture Clinic of Richmond. We’ve noticed how much better we feel when we can work out together at least twice a week. I’ve recently added a juke box full of new music which keeps us moving. Try it out for free the first time. There’s nothing to lose but stress!

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